Evaluations begin with a referral to the Child Study Team through a variety of procedures.

A school-based committee refers children to the Child Study Team after they have documentation that interventions and modifications within the general education programs have not been effective.

The Cape May City Elementary School District has a committee that meets regularly to discuss students who do not appear to be learning at an appropriate rate or when social and emotional concerns are interfering with the school performance. The group is designated as the Intervention and Referral Team (I & RS). A staff member or administrator with concerns about a student seeks assistance through this building committee by making a formal request. Depending upon the circumstances, the committee then develops a plan with specific interventions and monitors outcomes. When interventions are not effective, the I & RS Committee may refer the student to the Child Study Team.

A parent, adult pupil, school staff member, or agency concerned with the welfare of students may make direct referrals to the Child Study Team. Under circumstances of an emergent, serious nature, agencies, administrators, or staff may also refer directly to the Child Study Team. If an evaluation is warranted without prior interventions, permission for testing will be requested from the parent.